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"New product development" "Open new restaurant" "Town promotion" ,when people start something new we all dwell on idea of attractive product and effective procedure. We are dedicated and hands-on team delivering a personal service in order to share our clients' needs and offer our services to develop "beloved product", "beloved restaurant", "beloved town" and deliver them to consumer.

Consultation on new place open; designer arrangement, menu development, restaurant exterior/interior design, furniture and its supplier

Exploiting of food and drink, planning and development of primary commodity, introduction of marketing network

Investigate the local culture, history and natural features, and help to promote area-based food culture
"How can we drive marketing activity and sell our products?" "We want to listen to speech by expert before we start new business." "Can we experience real market?" Yes, let us help to organize seminars and speeches to deliver our solid knowledge and know-how. We can also arrange market study tour domestic and overseas, and speech by experts which suit employee training and office study tour.
We pride ourselves on our excellent contacts with trendsetters, media representatives, food journalists and chefs, We work across those people and media to communicate and appeal our clients' message to right audience. It is the best solution if you want to improve your PR activity, create and expand your media network and need PR professionals for your office.

●all aspects of PR
●produce and send out press release
●Handling interviews and press clipping
●co-work with client’s PR staff 
●event management
From small dinner party to town promotion, we produce exhilarated event. Party and event create a bond between people and it is a great opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing. When you share "Oishii" and "Fun" with others, we feel sense of connectedness. Our service include total coordination of reception Party, food tasting event, press conference of new product, food contest, company educational seminar, symposium and town promotion. We offer unforgettable event which is carefully tailored to suit client's need and concept..
Total produce of communication tools – PR magazine, company profile, DM and website When you want to put out attractive feature of company or product to consumers, most important keys are consolidation of information and planning. We determine target demographic and assign best suited creators (designer, photographer, copywriter, etc) to client's brand image.

Our service also includes sending out information from abroad to Japan or from Japan to abroad, acting as your office in Japan when entering Japanese market and consulting Japanese enterprises going overseas. Following services are available both in Japan and overseas.

●Arrangement business meeting and rerated correspondence
●Market research overseas
●Total support on PR event, press conference and food event 
●Planning and conducting sales promotion
●Coordinating media interview and filming
●Planning, coordination and conducting study tour on market research and interpretation onsite

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